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Marshall McLuhan Photo courtesy of Nelson Thall/ Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications

The legacy of Marshall McLuhan is so beyond me that I couldn’t use my own words to describe him. He has made a profound impression on the world and the digital media aspect of it. While researching him, I have come across descriptions of Mr. McLuhan such as “Guru of digital media” and “Master.”

“McLuhan provoked both the intellectual and the commoner…by saying that commercials are worth studying; that other cultures from other times offer the best insights into our modern technology laden lifestyle; that in recalling the lost original uses of old media we begin to recover their possible inventive value. His flabbergastingly direct statements and outrageous comparisons of media and their after-effects have stimulated many reexaminations of the consequences of digital multimedia. Marshall concluded we are emerging as a world-wide society electronically connected in a global village where our personalities exist at the speed of light” (Beaulieu 1.)

Hot and Cold Media

Marshall McLuhan divided media into two categories, Hot and Cool. Hot media requires little audience participation or exertion of energy. Cool media is the exact opposite; it is the term for high involvement in the media from the audience, within mediums such as television.

Why should communications Students learn about Mr. McLuhan?

McLuhan challenged media. He was controversial and unconventional. He took a close look at media and how it related to the human experience. In his book, The Medium is the Massagehe examines how media changes the way we as humans view life and the way it affects our everyday rituals.

Famous Quotes?

“A commercial society whose members are essentially ascetic and indifferent in social ritual has to be provided with blueprints and specifications for evoking the right tone for every occasion.”

My understanding of this quote is a society that has members who essentially have no opinion or do not care about ‘social ritual’, maybe watching television or listening to the radio need guidelines or a map to know what to do in certain situations.

“A typewriter is a means of transcribing thought, not expressing it.”

The only way to express thoughts is through spoken word.

What do I think of Mr. McLuhan?

Marshall McLuhan sounds like an astounding man, but I don’t understand anything that he was talking about. If I were around when Marshall McLuhan came up with his theories and I would have gone crazy. I can honestly say that this is the hardest blog that I have ever had to write. Marshall McLuhan may have been an important figure in the development of digital media, but his way of thinking and the way he speaks goes right over my head.

While researching McLuhan, I kept trying to figure out what it was that he did that was so astounding and I can honestly say that I still have no clue. It seems as though he just wowed society with his play on words. His level of thinking was on a completely different playing field than everyone else’s, from what I have learned of him. In order for a person to thoroughly understand Mr. McLuhan, I strongly believe that there should be a course focused entirely on his life and his accomplishments in order for someone to get a complete understanding of him.

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Digital Influence

I’ve recently run out of shampoo and conditioner and I have been wonder what brand I should buy. I’ve been told that the salon brands are the best. The problem is that there are so many brands out there on the market that I don’t know which one to choose from. That was until I read “Redken Video Game Beckons Girls to Hair Salons,” by Kayleen Schaefer. Most salon styling products do not use advertising. The consumer knows the quality of the product from getting serviced in the salons. That has changed in regards to Redken.

Redken has come up with a completely new way of advertising their products; through video games. Nintendo, as of Tuesday, November 2, has launched the newest and most unconventional role-playing game. It’s called Busy Scissors and is targeted at girls between the ages of eight to sixteen. With the launch of this game, Redken hopes that teenagers will put down the at-home, drug store products and begin coming to the salon to get their hair done.

Redken plans to advertise this product at their salons. Customers will be able to play the game while waiting to be seen. They will also be giving opportunities for customers to win the game, or even a Wii console. According to the article, the main “hurdle to get over” is the fact that the game is on a console, not online. If the game were to be online, consumers could establish a network with other users.

This was a very innovative and clever way for Redken to advertise, versus just using the products in the salons. This way, girls can have the products at home with them and actually use them, in the video game that is. When girls play this video game and are able to see the variety of products and how they work, they will be more inclined to want to have the very same products used on their hair.

Companies and brands are constantly looking for ways to better advertise their products. Based on what has been discussed in class lately, Redken has taken the best one of the smartest steps toward selling their products. This decision is one that media professionals should pay close attention to, especially competitive salon products. Not only are Redken’s products going to be in the salons but at the hands of teenagers as well, in their homes. Not to mention that the Busy Scissors market is aimed directly at generation y.  I would buy it.

I predict that in the future, there will fames for every career under the sun. Redken is encouraging teens to become stylists and use their products. Soon, there will be games for people who want to be therapist or psychologists. They will be able to learn how to talk to their patients and how to diagnose them. It would not surprise me to see video games like these involved in the curriculum of many majors in college. It is the best way to get a first-hand experience without actually getting the hands-on practice.