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Reading this article reminded me of a particular situation. I was just having a conversati0on with my friend the other day about how much money is lost through pirating. I told her that film producers would benetfit from allowing audience to wath new theater releases directly form their home. I believe that if they allowed us to pay for a service to catch the new flicks instead of a crowded theater then, illegal pirating would be cut down.

After reviewing “YouTube Ads turn Videos into Revenue” I see that YouTube is almost at that point itself. The site is profiting  from showing sneak peaks television series. The article is basically about the smart turning points that YouTube have made in the last four to five years. The article states multiple times the fact the the company is definitely making profit.

Claire Cain Miller, author of the essay, notes that the fourteen percent of the two billion viewers that watched the Mad Men video clip was “enough to turn YouTube profitable this year.” Soon enough, the website will be showing full length movies and people will not need to order or rent a movie.

While reading the article, I was surprised to learn that Google had bought YouTube. That makes sense to me though because when a person types in a field in the search box, YouTube videos are automatically apart of the results. What also caught my attention was the fact that YouTube will bring in a revenues of about 240million just this year. I almost feel as though the account holders on the site should be reaping some of those benefits, After all, they are the ones posting the videos.

YouTube will probably always be apart of media. It is so young and has so much potential. Just as we have been discussing in class, media is always changing and converging.  As a media focused professional, teachers and professors even refer to YouTube videos as a part of their lectures or presentations. Also because the website use useful for advertisements, I’m sure other professionals would not want to lose money over copywrite issues.

With incoming Generation Y media professionals loading up the workplace, I’m quite sure that YouTube will be found in the workplace. Generation Y is always finding a way to make the workplace more efficient for them. Soon enough workplace tutorials and lectures will be posted on YouTube; maybe even Monday Morning Meetings.

According to the article, YouTube has plans for the allowance of watching Pay-Per-View events.  Overall, the article delivered a lot of facts worth knowing about how much money YouTube makes off of some of its most minor offerings. Y0uTube is growing and I believe it will soon converge to replace television.